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Building CAM Percentage

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Income Screen - CAM Field



The Common Area Maintenance percentage is used to designate the tenant's share of the common area expenses for which he is responsible.  the program automatically calculates this percentage by dividing the tenant's Net Units by the total Net Units in the building.  This percentage is also shown to the left of the initial lease term for reference.


A CAM field is provided at the Bottom of the Income Screen.  This field can be used to manually enter a CAM percentage, rather than have the program calculate it automatically.  Before an entry is accepted in this field, the program will alert you that you are overriding the automatic calculation.


To manually enter CAM and/or Pass-through percentages for individual tenants, you must first instruct the program not to automatically update these percentages.  To do this, enter the command @NO CAM/PASSTHRU UPDATE in the Report Control Text Window (Control Panel).  Once this command is entered, the program will no longer update these percentages, even if you change the number of Net or Gross units (Income Screen - Column 5).


To review the percentages that have been assigned to each tenant, print the Fixed Expense Reimbursements Report, the Operating Expense Reimbursements Report and the Common Area Maintenance Reimbursements Report.  The respective percentages for each income item are shown here.  These reports also will indicate those items where the CAM or Pass-through percentage does not agree with the percentages calculated by the program (based upon Gross units and Net units).


You may instruct the program not to print these percentages on the reimbursements reports by issuing the command @NO CAM/PASSTHRU PERCENTAGE in the appropriate Text Window.


You may also instruct the program not to check the percentages entered against the program's calculations by issuing the command @NO CAM/PASSTHRU CHECK in the appropriate Text Window.