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Geocoding Overview

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Geocoding Button, Latitude/Longitude Fields, Functions



What is Geocoding?

Geocoding refers to the process of taking non-coordinate based geographical identifiers, such as a street address, and finding associated geographic coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). 


Texas A & M University GeoServices

After considering many other providers, we chose to partner with TAMU GeoServices to provide geocoding of the records in your Commercial Complete database.  Visit their web site to learn more about TAMU GeoServices.



Why Geocode Your Records?

When records contain latitude and longitude data, Commercial Complete can provide additional information that is useful to an appraiser.


The above functions are available now.  In the future, we hope to utilize this geo data to provide Census information, standardized addresses, the display of a comp's distance from the Subject on the Property Datasheet, and more.



The Reliability of Geocoding

New GIS technology has improved the process of geocoding addresses considerably.  But the process is not perfect and sometimes addresses cannot be geocoded, or the data returned will be incorrect.  


A quote from the TAMU GeoServices web site says it best:

So you tried our geocoding services and were not happy. Do not worry, we're not offended. We know we still have work to do - reference data will fail you, weighting algorithms will be wrong for a region, those darn "Farm to Market" roads in Texas aren't processing right - endless opportunities for research. Stuff happens and good geocodes go bad. Lucky for you there is no shortage of geocoding systems out there in the wild just waiting to take in your data and spit you out a lat/lon.


The most common cause of incorrect geocoding is the failure to provide accurate address information.  Be sure to enter the correct street address, city, state, and zipcode for each record.


Incorrect Latitude/Longitude data for a record can be manually corrected by entering the Latitude/Longitude coordinates that you obtain from another source.  These fields are located on the Custom tab in the center of the Data Entry view.


There are many web sites that provide address geocoding.  We recommend that you do an Internet search to find the web site that best serves your needs.





Geocoding Button, Latitude/Longitude Fields, Functions


To learn more about how geocoding is incorporated into Commercial Complete click here.