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Four Basic Grid Types

Four basic grid types are available, each with different adjustment labels.


Each of the four grid types has a distinct set of 12 possible adjustment items.  When the grid type is changed, the list of possible adjustment items changes automatically.  All twelve adjustment labels can be modified to suit your analysis requirements.  If no adjustment is made for an item and no comments have been made for the subject or comp, that item will not be displayed in the final comparison grid presentation.


Property Rights Conveyed, Conditions of Sale, and Financing Terms can optionally be displayed on the Comparison Grids as "Transaction Adjustments" that will appear above the Time/Market Conditions Adjustment and normal % or $ adjustments.  In addition a fourth field, Location, can also be optionally displayed above the "Transaction Adjustments" line.  Please see the Adjusted Price field for more information on how to utilize this option.


To control whether the above fields are displayed on the grid, proceed to the Data Entry view. Click on the Wizard tab (Right Side Panel below the Value fields.  Click on the field that should be displayed on the grid and check the box "Display Field on Comp.Grid". 





Saving Your Own Default Labels

Default labels are defined for each Grid Type.  The 12 adjustment labels can be customized by entering your own labels on these lines, clicking the Label Control button, and clicking Save Current Labels.  



Once your customized labels are saved, they will be displayed as the default labels each time that a new grid is created for that Grid Type.  For example, the sixth adjustment label for the Land/Building Grid Type is Topography/Utility.  Each time that this grid type is selected, Topography/Utility will be displayed on the sixth adjustment line.  Perhaps you would prefer that the sixth adjustment line be "Utilities".  First enter Utilities on the sixth line, then click the Label Control button and select Save Current Labels.  Now, each time that the Land/Building Grid Type is selected, Utilities will be the sixth adjustment line.


When your customized labels are saved, certain Grid Control Panel settings are also saved. These are displayed in the graphic below. Check the boxes that you prefer for your grid type and save your current labels. Each time that a new grid is started, these settings will take effect.




Restoring Default Labels

To restore the original labels that were defined when Commercial Complete was installed, select the option Restore Original Product Labels. If you just want to "clear the slate" of labels that you have entered for a particular analysis and start over, select Restore Default Labels. 



Labels Defined for each Grid Type when product is installed

Each of the four grid types has a distinct set of 12 possible adjustment items.