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Notes Fields

   Some functionality described in this section requires CC Plus 1

Commercial Complete Overview 


Database Design

Typical database fields, by their very nature, are restrictive.  This is true do to the way databases are designed to function.  Databases are designed to organize information, to store information efficiently, and to retrieve information quickly.  At the same time, physical space limitations require that the size of the "file" stored on your hard disk or other media be as small as possible.  It is also necessary to limit the size of individual fields so that that can be presented in an organized manner on reports.  Consequently, you will notice that most fields in Commercial Complete have size limitations.  The permitted length of each field varies, usually between 30 characters and 255 characters.  This means that only a limited number of characters can be typed in most Commercial Complete fields.  


Notes Fields

Over 250 fields are available in Commercial Complete, but it seems as though there are never enough.  And sometimes there is just not enough space in a field to type all of the information that you want.  Commercial Complete offers a way to overcome the restrictions of typical database fields by offering "Notes" fields.  These fields have no restrictions on the number of characters that can be entered and stored with a property record.  A "Notes" field is available for every major category of information that is stored in a property record.  


The list of "Notes" fields is presented at the end of this section.





Display a Notes field on Property Datasheet

All Notes fields (except Client Notes) can now be displayed on a Property Datasheet in the appropriate category (e.g. Sale Notes, Assessment Notes, etc.).  To display a Notes field, click on the Field Wizard tab, click the Notes field that you wish to display, and check the box "Display on Property Datasheet".


Field Name of a Notes field can be changed

For example, you may prefer that the "Sale Notes" field be referred to as the "Transaction Details" field.  To change the name, click on the Field Wizard tab and enter the Field Name that you prefer.


Text in a Notes Field can be Designated as "Do Not Print"

A Notes field can now be used for a dual-purpose.  Text entered at the beginning can be designated to print by setting the field to "Display on Property Datasheet".  Enter that text, enter a carriage return, and then type the words "NO PRINT" and enter another carriage return.  Text entered after "NO PRINT" will not print on the Property Datasheet.  This added functionality is useful when you want to have some text displayed on a Property Datasheet and also want to store additional information as private notes.  For some property records you may not want any text that is entered to be displayed.  If you enter "NO PRINT" as the beginning text in the field and then enter a carriage return, no text that is entered below the NO PRINT will be displayed.



Notes Fields List