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Supplemental Adjustment

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Total Gross and Net Adjustment Percentages


Comparison Analysis


Situations may arise where it is necessary to apply a Supplemental Adjustment to the Time Adjusted Price.  For example, your subject may be a regional shopping center located in New York City and one of the comparables is a regional shopping center location in Albany.  An adjustment to the Time Adjusted Price may be required to account for the difference in the geographical location of the subject and comparable, before applying normal physical adjustments.


The Supplemental adjustment is available for this purpose.  The percentage entered is applied to the Time Adjusted Price, resulting in a new Adjusted Price.  All subsequent adjustments are calculated, based upon the new Adjusted Price.


In addition to entering a percentage, a label may be assigned to this adjustment, e.g. Geographic Location, or perhaps External Obsolescence.  Under this label, both a Subject comment and a Comparable comment may also be added.  The label and the comments will be displayed on the grid.