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Customizing the Look of Your Grids

See Also: Comparison Analysis Overview

Designating a Subject

Associating Comparables

Grid Tab Overview

Using Grids and Comparables in a Narrative

Total Gross and Net Adjustment Percentages

Supplemental Adjustment


Comparison Analysis


The grids that you create can be displayed in many different ways using almost any combination of settings.  Listed below is a partial list of the settings that can be modified.



Display and Formatting Tips and Tricks


Displayed Grid Section


Exception: If a Comparable comment is entered for any comparable, the Adjustment Line Item will be displayed. This is useful when you wish to acknowledge that you considered an adjustment, but no adjustment was necessary.  For example, you might enter the word "Equal" for the Location adjustment in each comparable comment field for this item and make no adjustment.  The Location line item will be displayed on the grid with the word "Equal" in each comparable column for this line item.


Tip: The semi-colon (;) is recognized by Commercial Complete as a paragraph return when it is entered in a comment line.  This enables you to split comments into more than one paragraph.  Also, if your comment exceeds 28 characters and you prefer it to remain right-justified, use the semi-colon to break the comment into lines that do no exceed 28 characters.