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Spell Checking Property Record Fields and

Commercial Complete Documents

Commercial Complete Overview



Commercial Complete can check for spelling errors in individual property record fields (requires  or above) and Commercial Complete documents.


Spell checking is activated by toggling the Spell Check button.  One Spell Check button is located at the top right of the Data Entry window and a second Spell Check button is located at the top right of the Narrative Builder editor.


These buttons work in tandem.  Toggling either button also toggles the other.  When Spell Check is ON, the background color of each button turns to burnt orange.


Spell Checking Property Record Fields

When Spell Check is ON, all text fields in the Data Entry View and on the Sales Grid tab are checked for spelling errors.  The checking occurs when the field is clicked, when a user enters text in the field, and when the focus changes to another field in the record. If a spelling error is found, a window opens that displays the word and suggestions.  Select from the list or add the word to the user dictionary or ignore the spelling.


By default, spell checking for all fields is enabled.  Certain fields may not lend themselves to spell checking.  For example, the File Number field, Grantor field and Grantee field can often contain combinations that are not in a standard dictionary.  The spell checking of certain fields can be disabled on the Field Wizard tab.  See Field Wizard tab for more details.


Note that the Spell Checker can be instructed to ignore case, ignore all caps, and ignore text that contains numbers.  These options can be found on the Spell Check button that is located above the Narrative Builder editor.  See below.



Spell Checking a Commercial Complete Document

When Spell Check is ON, mispelled words in the document are highlighted.  Right click on the word for a list of suggestions.  All words in a document can be checked by clicking the dropdown to the right of the Spell Check button. Select the Check Spelling Now button that appears on the left.



Spell Check Options

To change the Spell Check settings, click the dropdown to the right of the Spell Check button and select the rightmost button.  A Spelling Options window will appear.  Each tab of this window is displayed below.







Dictionaries Tab



User Dictionaries Tab




Spell Options Tab