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Right Side Panel Image Strip

The functionality described in this section requires CC Plus 2


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The Right Side Panel File Explorer can be optionally displayed on the Right Side Panel by clicking the Camera Image (Toggle Image Strip) button that is displayed at the bottom of the Right Side Panel.  When this button is on (green background), the Image Strip or File Explorer will be displayed in the Right Side Panel.


Depending upon your most recent view, either the Image Strip or the File Explorer is displayed.  The display can be switched between Image Strip and File Explorer by using the tabs at the bottom right of the display.


If you are located on the Narrative Builder tab, the Right Side Panel will not be visible if the Editor is maximized.  To display the Right Side Panel, click the green square Toggle button at the upper right corner of the Editor to set the editor width to Small Editor View.  


The Image Strip will display the images that have been added to a property record using the green Manage Images button.  The strip displays the images of the record that is in Current View.  If that record is the current Subject of an analysis, the images for the Subject and comparables will be displayed. 


The images that are displayed in the Image Strip can be dragged and dropped directly into a document.  Hold down the left mouse on the image, drag it to the document, and release the mouse button.