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The Field Wizard offers several ways to customize Commercial Complete, including the ability to change the Field Names, to change the abbreviation of the field as it appears on the screen, and to modify the Help line that is displayed when your cursor moves over the Field Name. You can also specify a Default Value for a field, specify whether any field should be printed on the Property Datasheet, whether a dropdown should be active for any text field, and whether a field should appear on the List View tab.


The Field Wizard is located at the bottom right of the Data Entry window. To display the Field Wizard, close the Record List if it is visible. Several tabs will be visible, including Indicators, Field Help, Field Wizard, and Cost.  Click on the Field Wizard tab.


Field Name

The Field Name is the name that appears on the Property Datasheet next to the data for that field.  For example, by default, the Field Name of the field that contains the File Number that you assign to this record is named File Number.  Depending upon you usage, you may want to call this field "Reference Number" or "Case Number".  You can change the Field Name by entering your new Field Name in the New Field Name box.  Once changed, the new Field Name that you entered will appear on the Property Datasheet when it is printed.


Screen Abbreviation

When you change a Field Name, it appears by default on the Data Entry Screen.  However, some Field Names may be to long to fit in the space allotted on the screen.  For example, the default name for the Zipcode Field is Zipcode, but "Zipcode" does not fit in the space allotted on the screen.  So the Screen Abbrev. box is filled in with the name "Zip".  Entries in this box affect only how the Field Name is displayed on the Data Entry Screen.


Help Line

A brief explanation of the field is displayed when you move your cursor over a label on the Data Entry Screen.  If you prefer that a different explanation be displayed, enter it in the New Help Line box.  


Default Value

A Default Value can be set for many fields on the General Tab and the Improvements Tab of the Data Entry screen.  If the Default Value is set for any field, this value will be placed automatically in that field when a new record is added.


Spell Check OFF Checkbox  Requires  

Text fields in a property record can be checked for spelling errors by toggling Spell Check button near the top right of the Data Entry window.  By default, when Spell Check is ON, each field will be checked.  Certain fields do not lend themselves to spell checking.  For example, the File Number field, Grantor field and Grantee field can often contain combinations that are not in a standard dictionary.  Check this box to exclude a field from the Spell Check.


Dropdown Active Checkbox

Dropdown Menus make data entry easier, faster, and more consistent.  When a value is entered in any Dropdown field, it is automaticallly added to the dropdown list.  For example, you may enter Monroe City in the City field.  Monroe City will be added to the list of cities in the dropdown list.  When you add a new record and begin typing the first few letters of Monroe City in the City field, this city name will automatically be displayed in the City field.  Just press the Enter Key.  Or you can click on the Dropdown box at the right of the field and select from the list of cities that have already been entered.

An optional Dropdown Menu is associated with 47 fields on the Property Data screen.  By default, all of these dropdowns are active.  For certain fields, a dropdown may not be appropriate for your particular needs.  Uncheck the Dropdown Active box to disable the dropdown functionality of a field and hide the dropdown box at the right of a field.


Display Field on Property Datasheet Checkbox

By default, all fields that appear on the Data Entry Screen also are displayed on the Property Datasheet, if the field contains data.  Uncheck this box to prevent the display of a particular field on the Property Datasheet.


Display Field in List View Column Checkbox

By default, most fields on the Data Entry screen appear as columns when you switch to the List View Tab. What columns appear on the List View Tab can be controlled by checking or unchecking this box.