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Getting Started - What to Expect


If it has anything to do with the analysis of commercial property, Commercial Complete can probably do it.  Some of the general capabilites include the storage of property data in a powerful relational database, sophisticated income analysis (stable, rent-up, and lease-by-lease);  comparison analysis of improved sales, land sales and rents; the development of building costs; and automated document preparation.


Gourmet Kitchen

Can you begin using ALL of Commercial Complete's many features TODAY?  No.  Will you ever use all of Commercial Complete's many features?  Probably not.  But those features that are needed are available when you need them and you can quickly learn how to use what you need.  We like to compare Commercial Complete to a fully equipped gourmet kitchen.  While you may not use all of the appliances right away, it is nice to know that the built-in gas grill is there to cook a steak in the middle of winter.  And it is also comforting to know that you will not need to knock out a wall when you need that second island in the kitchen for the extra sink.  The second island is already there.


At first, you will probably use your kitchen to prepare snacks and simple meals, but everything is there at your fingertips when you are ready to prepare that big gourmet meal for special guests.


Also, like a gourmet kitchen, Commercial Complete can be used by several persons, each with different needs and objectives.  The primary cook will likely study all of the kitchen's features in detail, read the instruction manuals for each appliance, and organize everything to their requirements.  Others in the family may just be interested in how to make coffee or how to use the family toaster to heat a pop tart.  Similarly, not everyone will use Commercial Complete in the same way and some may have no interest at all in certain features.  That is OK.  If you only need to make coffee today, there is no need to read the instruction manual for every appliance in the kitchen.  Take your time and learn what you need as you go.  Become an expert in those things that you will use.


Commercial Complete Overview

Commercial Complete will help you with all aspects of the commercial appraisal process.  Everything is integrated and dedicated to making your job easier, from determining and documenting the value to getting the narrative appraisal out the door.  More than 40,000 hours have been devoted to creating Commercial Complete, so you know that it is comprehensive.  This software is the culmination of more than two decades of software development that has been focused upon the analysis of real property.  The database functions, income analysis capabilities and comparison analysis functionality are top of the line and each took years to develop in their own right.  The word processing functions are designed to integrate all of the Commercial Complete analysis capabilities into narrative documents that can be edited, saved and turned into PDF's.  


This software is designed to be easy to use and useful right away.  Every screen was carefully and meticulously designed to make Commercial Complete user-friendly and intuitive.  Discover as you go and use what you need.  You will begin saving time and improving your work product immediately.  




Where Do You Start?

You purchased Commercial Complete with certain objectives in mind.  Maybe it was to organize your property data, store comparable property information, or just to prepare better Property Datasheets.  Your objectives may include performing better income analyses or creating Sales Comparison analyses.  Your ultimate objective may be to automate the process of preparing your narratives, including full appraisal and other real estate related documents.  


We recommend that you start by becoming generally familiar with what Commercial Complete can do.  Then look at your objectives and learn more about the Commercial Complete features that will save you time TODAY.  Perhaps that is organizing your Property Data, or performing an income analysis, or creating a Comparison analysis.  All of these features are available in Commercial Complete and all of them will save you time.  Each can be learned separately, so you can quickly get up to speed in a particular area and begin saving time and improving your work product almost immediately.  


Though your ultimate objective may be to create a full narrative appraisal, do not expect to create one on the first day.  You can build towards that goal and still improve productivity each day.  With Commercial Complete, it is not an all or nothing proposition.  That being said, many of our clients successfully create their first complete appraisal within a week to 10 days.  The learning curve is short.  More than a few of our clients have even told us that they actually "have fun" learning Commercial Complete and its many facets and they continue to explore new ways to use it each day.


There are five main functional categories in Commercial Complete.  The topic Five Functional Categories contains suggestions about where you might begin, depending upon your objectives.  They are listed below and also in the Contents Menu at the left of this Help system.


Property Data

Income Analysis

Sales Comparison Analysis

Development of Building Costs

Creating Narratives and Reports



TIP - Getting Help

A comprehensive, context Help system is incorporated into Commercial Complete.  Pressing the F1 Key on any screen will display this Help system, usually already located on the topic of interest.  The Contents Menu on the left side of the Help system is organized by functional categories so that you can easily navigate to the topic of interest.  


TIP - The Mouse is your Friend!

Move your mouse over any item on any screen and a brief description of the item will be displayed.  This is a quick way to learn more about any item anywhere in Commercial Complete. 


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