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Inserting Photo Pages and Picture Frames


One of the more time-consuming tasks is inserting and aligning photos and other images in your documents.  We have tried to make this task a little easier by providing formatted photo pages and picture frames.  Usually, you just have to insert the desired photo page or picture frame  where you would like it placed in your document, edit the heading, and edit the Description.  


Images are inserted or pasted in the gray boxes of a Photo Page.  They are automatically sized to fit in the width of the gray rectangle.  The height of the gray rectangle expands to fit the height of the picture.  Usually no further action is required.  However, there will be times when the height of an image does not fill the rectangle and gray space appears at the bottom of the box.  To remove this excess gray area, locate your cursor in the column immediately to the right of the gray rectangle that holds the image and delete paragraph returns until the gray area at the bottom of the frame disappears.


Three types of borders are available.