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Compress Document Images


Your narrative documents and pdf files can increase in size dramatically as images are added to the document.  The actual increase in size depends upon many factors that include:






The Compress Document Images function will dramatically reduce the size of your Commercial Complete document and any PDF that is created from the document.  The documents can be reduced by many megabytes with little or no noticeable loss in quality of the printed images.


NOTE: A checkbox is provided to re-compress all images, even when they have previously been compressed.  Although this may be necessary under rare circumstances after compression has been applied once under the Maximum Setting, we recommended that you leave this checkbox unchecked. When an image is re-compressed, unacceptable distortion may appear in the image.  


Compress All Images

To compress all of the images in a document, click the green File button in the upper left corner of the editor and select Compress Document Images.  Select Moderate Compression, Good Compression, or Maximum Compression.  We have found that even the Maximum Compression setting does not noticebly effect the quality of most images that are displayed in the document.  Of course, the results for you can vary and depend upon many factors.  You will have to experiment yourself to ensure that the quality is acceptable to you.  The images in the document will be converted to jpeg format and compressed by 75% (Maximum Compression), 50% (Good Compression), 10% (Moderate compression).



Compress a Single Image

To compress a single image, right click on the image and select Compress.



Compression Always Applied When PDF is Created

When a pdf is created, all images are automatically optimized in the document by converting them to jpeg format and applying Moderate compression to each image.  This will dramatically reduce the size of your PDF and also the file size of the document when it is next saved.



Maintain a Copy of the Original Image

Please note that we recommend that you maintain a copy of the original images or save the document before compressing.  Review the images after compression.  If the results of the compression are unsatisfactory, you can always reload the saved document and try another compression setting or re-insert the original image.



Some Images May Not Be Compressed

NOTE: Some images that are set in the narrative as "Graphic as Character" will not be compressed in order to maintain the width and height of the image.  You can determine whether "Graphic as Character" is set by right clicking on the image.  Another way to determine this is to see if the image can be dragged on a page with the mouse.  If the image can be dragged, the "Graphic as Character" is not set and the image may not be compressed.