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Inserting Reports Using the Assemble Document Dropdown



Insertion and Assembly Options

The reports on this list can be assembled in a blank editor or inserted directly into a narrative by clicking the green Assemble Document button and selecting desired reports.  All reports that are checked will be inserted.


If you are inserting the reports directly into a narrative, we recommend that you place your cursor where the reports should be inserted, insert a pagebreak, and place your cursor at the top of the blank page.  Then click the green Assemble Document button and select the desired option.


Please note that when inserting these reports into your narrative using the method above, the reports are NOT inserted as fields; i.e., the contents of the reports will not be updated when an Update option is selected using the green Update button.  If this is not desirable, use the green Insert button to insert the reports.  By inserting the reports using the green Insert button, the reports can be inserted as fields that will be updated when the narrative is updated.