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Commercial Complete - Plus 4 Features

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Commercial Complete Overview 


Since Commercial Complete was released in the Spring of 2010, many enhancements have been introduced. 


For a list of previous additions, see 



Commercial Complete

New Features

Initial Release Date: Mid-November 2014

Current Release - November 2014     


Commercial Complete just gets more powerful and more comprehensive while remaining just as easy to use. The initial enhancements included in this major release are briefly described below.  Additional enhancements will be introduced in the coming months.  All of these enhancements are designed to increase productivity and improve the quality of your analyses and final work product.  Links are also provided to more detailed descriptions of some items.





We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Texas A & M GeoServices to provide geocoding capabilities in Commercial Complete.


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Expanded Filter Conditions

Additional fields can now be added to the filter conditions to enhance your ability to restrict a recordset to only those records that you need.



ENHANCEMENTS RELEASED IN January and February 2015

Commercial Complete Cloud Improvements

The CC Cloud has been moved to new servers that are entirely cloud based, running on the latest hardware, and equipped with Solid State drives (SSD).  This move provides better connectivity, additional speed and enhanced reliability to our Cloud users.


Useability Improvements

At least a dozen internal modifications were made to improve the user's experience.  You may not see them, but you will feel them.




Record Banks

Record banks can be used in various ways.  Six independent record banks are available.  Click the Bank icon at the bottom right of the Property Data screen to open the Record Bank.


When the Record Bank window is opened, help on using record banks is displayed at the bottom of the window.




Land Use

New options to describe land features of a property have been introduced in Plus 4.  Parcel information fields are included on the Improvements tab.  Each improvement has its own land use fields, which enables land descriptions to be specified for each improvement.  23 new land fields have been added.


For example, your subject may have several improvements that are situate on different parcels of land.  Each parcel can be described with the improvement. Some of the items under parcel information include:


Complex Appraisals - See Group Subjects for more information


Complex appraisals can now be easily prepared in Commercial Complete.  For example, 2 analyses may be required for a single property, perhaps "As Is" and "As Complete" or "Before Taking" and "After Taking".  


Completely separate Subject property records can be added to complete the analyses; different comps, different income analysis, etc.  Then these records are added to a Subject Group and one narrative can be created that brings in the data from each of the Subject records in the group.  Up to 10 different property records can be added to the Subject Group.


Latitude / Longitude

If the Latitude and Longitude fields are entered (under the Custom tab), Commercial Complete will use them to precisely locate the property on our mapping site.