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Saving and Loading Filter Conditions



Finding a Record / Filtering Records


The List View has two main sections: Filter Conditions and the List View Grid.  In combination, these sections provide a powerful way of displaying just the records that are relevant to your analysis and then viewing that list of records and perhaps limiting the displayed records further by "selecting" only certain records from the list by checking the Selected Box.  Once you have created a Current View that fits your criteria, you can switch back to the Data Entry View to look at each property record in greater detail.


Below, you will find step by step instructions that describe how to use Filter conditons.



Filter Conditions

Various conditions that a property must meet to be included in a subset of filtered records can be specified in the Filter Conditions section.  For example, you may want to include only apartments with sale prices between $500,000 and $750,000. You may further want to limit your search to properties in a particular zipcode or a range of zipcodes.  When you click the Apply Filter button, these filter conditions will be applied and only records meeting the specified conditions will be displayed.


Using the  Find Record  button is an excellent option when you know what you are looking for; a particular Reference No., a Property Name, a Street Address, etc.  But when you need to find all property records that fit certain criteria, Filter Conditions can be set that will find records that meet the criteria that you define.  


The Filter Conditions section is designed to enable the logical selection of property records, using simple statements in various combinations.  Before any statements are added or modified, the Filter Conditions window will look similar to that displayed below. These are the Default Filter Conditions.  Conditions can be added or removed and the set of conditions can be saved. New Default Filter Conditions can also be saved.


You will note that there are 28 total records in the Current View, all records in the database.  



The Filter Conditions Grid is a powerful way to view just the records that you want to see; e.g. just records whose Property Type contains "warehouse".


1. Add the filter conditions

2. Be sure to check the Include box (leftmost column) for the filter conditions that should be applied..

3. Click the green Apply Filter button




To add a condition if it is not already on the default list, place your cursor in the Field Name column of the last line of the Filter Conditions Grid.




1. Select the Field from the dropdown list, which is in alphabetical order.

2. Check the box to the left to include this condition when the filter is applied.


Enter the Filter For Value.




Multiple values, each separated by a semi-colon, can be entered in this box.  For example, "warehouse; flex". Records whose Property Type contains "warehouse" or "Flex" will be displayed in the filtered database.


A range can also be entered.  For example, two dates can be entered, separated by a semi-colon or the word "TO".  Then set the Condition column to RANGE: >=FIRST VALUE <=SECOND VALUE.


Select the Condition that determines whether the record will be included in the filtered database.



Only records that meet this condition will be included in the filtered database.



To Delete a Filter Condition


1. Highlight the line for this filter condition by clicking on the Record Selector column to the left of the filter condition.



2. Press the Delete Key on the keyboard.





A brief description of each column follows.



This checkbox column controls whether a particular filter condition is included when the filter conditions are applied.  Check or uncheck this box as desired.


Field Name

Each filter condition is based upon a field in the database. Select from the dropdown list of fields that are available for inclusion in the filter.  The list is in alphabetical order.


Filter For Value

Enter the value or values that you want to include in your filter for the Field Name that has been selected.



Select a condition from the dropdown list.  Only records that meet this condition will be included in the filtered database.



The example below filters for all records that meet these criteria:


Applying the above conditions displays a subset of records.  There are 5 records that meet these conditions.






Using the Selected Box

The Current View of the records in the database has been narrowed to warehouses or industrial property types that sold since 2007 and whose Sale Prices fall between $800,000 and $9,000,000.  Five Records were found.  These records can now be reviewed and the Current View can be narrowed even further by using the Selected Box.


The records can be reviewed by scrolling through the list that is displayed in the List View Grid, or we can switch back to the Data Entry View to review each record in more detail.  We can check the Selected Box to view just those records that we wish to use in our final analysis.


After review, 3 records have been selected by checking the Selected Box in the leftmost column.  To display just those results, we click the  View Selected  button.  The results are displayed below.



Notice that there are now 3 records in the Record List, or Current View.


If we switch to the Data Entry View, the same 3 records appear and we can browse through the detail of each record by clicking the Browse buttons or pressing the PageUp and PageDn keys.




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