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  • 6 Unique Groups of Comparables for Each Subject (CC Pro Only)
  • Percentage, Dollar, or Qualitative Adjustments
  • Adjust by Sale Price, Cash Equiv.Price, Listing Price, Assessed Value
  • Improved Sales Comparison Analysis
  • Land Sales Comparison Analysis
  • Rent Comparison Analysis
  • More than 1,000 Possible Comparison Grid Combinations
  • Interactive - All Options on ONE Screen
Comparables Groups
Powerful new comparison analysis capabilities were added to Commercial Complete in March of 2011. Six groups of comparables can now be associated with each Subject property and each Comparables Group can include up to nine comparables. By default these Comparables Groups are referred to as:
  • Sales Comparables
  • Land Comparables
  • Rent Comparables
  • Listings Comparables
  • Expense Comparables
  • Tax Comparables
These Comparables Groups are catagorized by default as shown above, but each group's name and purpose can be changed to suit the needs related to any particular analysis. For example, for one analysis you may need Sales comps, Land Comps and Rent comps. For another analysis, you may need two sets of Sales comparables, a set of Land comparables, and two sets of Rent comparables. All of these combinations, and many more, are possible.

Grids, Grids, Grids
To Use Grids or Not to Use Grids - That is the Question
We have spoken to many appraisers over the years about comparison grids. A good many of these appraisers avoid the use of grids entirely in their commercial assignments.

Often their justification is based upon the questionable usefulness of grids and whether comparison grids can really assist in developing the value for a complex commercial property. Though this may be true, we suspect that the underlying reason is the complexity involved in creatiing grids that can be effectively used as an analysis tool.

Applying Comparison Analysis to Commercial Properties IS Different
Each subject property is different and each assignment is different. The adjustments required for each analysis are different too. For some properties, percentage adjustments may be appropriate. For others, dollar amount adjustments work best. Finally, some properties can only be effectively compared using "qualitative" adjustments.

To handle these various options in a spreadsheet program like MS Excel would require literally hundreds of "worksheets". It would not be impossible to do, but it would probably be impossible to organize and find these "worksheets" when they are needed. So, many appraisers just opt out and do not use comparison grids at all.

One Grid Type Is Not Enough
Of course, many appraisers do use comparison grids as part of their development of a value for a subject property. However, given the limitations mentioned above, these appraisers usually settle upon one standard grid type and modify it slightly to conform to a particular analysis.

These appraisers also usually settle upon one presentation format - adjustments by percentage, dollar amount, or just qualitative. Although they justify their choice based upon the "best to use for a commercial property", we suspect that, just as for appraisers who do not use grids, the underlying reason is the complexity involved in creating grids that cover all of the possiblities.

Commercial Complete Has Addressed and Answered The Question "To Use or Not To Use Grids"
Commercial Complete will change the way that you look at comparison grids. Whether you are an appraiser that does not use grids now or one who uses only one basic grid type for all assignments, Commercial Complete's powerful Comparison Analysis capabilities will cause you to reconsider whether and how you use grids in your appraisal assignments. Click here to see the Comparison Analysis User Interface.

More than 600 grid combinations are now available at your fingertips on a single screen. Adjust by percentage, by dollar amount, or use qualitative adjustments - just toggle a button. Adjust by square feet or acres - just toggle a button. Adjust by Sale Price, Cash Equivalent Price, Listing Price, Assessed Value, or Land Value - just toggle a button. Easily create Rent grids with adjustments by Base Rent or Effective Rent - just toggle a button. Make adjustments by Gross Building Area, Net Building Area or Rental Units - just toggle a button. The possibilities are almost endless and all right in front of you - just toggle a button.

Word Processing that Brings It All Together
Comparison Analyses are fully and seamlessly integrated into the Commercial Complete narrative documents. The Datasheets for any Comparables Group can be inserted directly into a narrative. Comparables Group Grids can be inserted too.

If you want to take the pressure off, this is how to do it.
Works just like Word for me, but it is designed for real estate professionals.
Reliable, Real Software
Until now there has been no reliable way to automate the commercial appraisal process. Of course there are many individual tools that do assist. MS Office helps a lot with its word processing and spreadsheet modules. If you know how to create links and macros - better yet.

A few appraisers have even done so well at assembling MS Office templates for their own office that they now sell the templates as a software product. Our hats go off to them. But frankly, MS Office is not up to this kind of a job. Too many components, updates, modifications, and work-arounds. Simply put - too complicated. A package of templates is NOT the same as a real, standalone software product that is designed specifically to assist in every aspect of the appraisal process. There is just no comparison. And there are no spreadsheets, no links, no macros, and no MS Office.

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Sample Grid with Subject Column
Expense Comparison Grid

Sample Grid Types
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

More Sample Grid Types
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

Land Sales Grid
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

Rent Grids
Rent Grid - Dollars
Rent Grid - Percentage

User Interface

There are over 600 more possibilities. Make the grids look just the way they must look to clearly explain any comparison analysis.

This new functionality does not just paint a pretty picture. Now you really have true comparison analysis power at your fingertips.

Reviewers like the grids too because your reasoning can be clearly explained right on the grid.

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