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Comparison Analysis User Interface

  • 6 Unique Groups of Comparables for Each Subject (CC Pro Only)
  • Percentage, Dollar, or Qualitative Adjustments
  • Adjust by Sale Price, Cash Equiv.Price, Listing Price, Assessed Value
  • Improved Sales Comparison Analysis
  • Land Sales Comparison Analysis
  • Rent Comparison Analysis
  • More than 600 Possible Comparison Grid Combinations
  • Interactive - All Options on ONE Screen
Comparables Groups
Powerful new comparison analysis capabilities were added to Commercial Complete in March of 2011. Six groups of comparables can now be associated with each Subject property and each Comparables Group can include up to nine comparables. By default these Comparables Groups are referred to as:
  • Sales Comparables
  • Land Comparables
  • Rent Comparables
  • Listings Comparables
  • Expense Comparables
  • Tax Comparables
These Comparables Groups are catagorized by default as shown above, but each group's name and purpose can be changed to suit the needs related to any particular analysis. For example, for one analysis you may need Sales comps, Land Comps and Rent comps. For another analysis, you may need two sets of Sales comparables, a set of Land comparables, and two sets of Rent comparables. All of these combinations, and many more, are possible.

Comparison Analysis Functionality
The new Comparison Analysis functionality in Commercial Complete will change the way that you analyze a commercial property. Because every commercial comparison analysis is different, more than just a single analysis option must be available. In Commercial Complete, more than 500 analysis options are available from a single screen.

No more searching for spreadsheets that you created in the past to use in your current analysis. No more creating spreadsheets on the fly that may contain errors or inaccuracies. NO MORE SPREADSHEETS AT ALL. In Commercial Complete, each comparison analysis can be customized to exactly fit the needs of your assignment. The simple interface is displayed below, along with one of the many, many sample outputs.

Mathematians would call it an elegant solution. Our clients just call it amazing, or outrageous, or brilliant, or really, really cool. See Comparison Analysis for more information.

What you see here can only be done when a program is written from "scratch" by skilled software engineers working in conjunction with industry experts. The same simple user interface and customized output cannot be accomplished with third party platforms like Microsoft Access, Word and Excel.

Your Clients will notice
the difference too!

A few of the endless grid output
combinations are presented below.

Sample Grid Types
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

More Sample Grid Types
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

Land Sales Grid
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

Rent Grids
Rent Grid - Dollars
Rent Grid - Percentage

User Interface

User Interface

One of Many Grid Outputs

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