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Clients tell us repeatedly that they do not know what they would do without Commercial Complete.
They have come to rely on CC and their business depends upon it. What would they do?

Commercial Complete Continuity
For a one-man shop or a team of 100
You can count on your software running today, tomorrow,
next year, and in the next decade

These are very important questions when you are choosing software that your business will depend upon
  • Will your product continue to run on future operating systems?
  • Will I always be able to load my old reports and access the data that I have entered in Commercial Complete?
  • Will you continue to support Commercial Complete?
  • Will you be in business tomorrow? Next year?
Future Operating Systems
Commercial Complete runs on every Windows operating system from Windows XP to Windows 8.1, to Windows Server 2012. Its predecessor, Investment Analyst, which is still actively sold, began in Windows Dos and has been running ever since; Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is still happily running on Windows 8.1.

What are the chances that Commercial Complete will not run on the next version of Windows? In our opinion, virtually NO CHANCE.

We very carefully select the components that make Commercial Complete work, as proven by its long history of continuous operation on every Windows desktop operating system that Microsoft has ever released.

And because Commercial Complete is standalone software, it is not dependent upon what Microsoft will change in their next version of Office - changes that may stop competing products from working.

Will my old reports and data always be available?
Licenses expire, we switch computers, business plans change and we stop appraising for a while. What happens if you have not used Commercial Complete for a period of time; perhaps let a subscription lapse; or uninstalled Commercial Complete from your computer.

Commercial Complete can always be downloaded from our web site and installed on any computer. Even if the software is not licensed for that computer, Commercial Complete will run in Reader mode. In Reader mode, the database that you created can be loaded and the records can be viewed. The records can be printed or sent to a pdf. Narrative reports that you have created in Commercial Complete can be loaded, printed, converted to a pdf, and even exported to MS Word for further editing.

Of course, we can activate Commercial Complete on another computer for you when the need arises.

Will support continue?
The Commercial Complete support policy is simple. You ask, we help. The truth is that we spend little time supporting users. The software supports itself. Commercial Complete is standalone software that has been honed over many, many years. It just works! Usually, we only hear from our clients to wish us a Merry Christmas and thank us for creating Commercial Complete.

Support questions do arise from time to time. For example, when a client has a special analysis that he needs to handle in a special way, he may call us for advice after having perused the extensive Commercial Complete help file. We are always happy to assist.

WIll support continue? We have no plans to change our support policy. We will always talk to our clients. But what if we are no longer in business (see next topic)? The fact is, like a self-contained appraisal, Commercial Complete stands on its own. It works well on its own and extensive help is always available on your own computer.

Will you be in business tomorrow?
From time to time this question comes up. After all, we are a small company. Clients purchase Commercial Complete to use on a daily basis. Their business very quickly comes to rely upon it. So, to some extent, their business depends upon on our business.

No one knows the future. Companies, small and large, discontinue operations every day. Recognizing this, we have incorporated a special feature into Commercial Complete that we call the Dead Man Switch. Some of you old timers may remember the Dead Man Stick on old locomotives. If the engineer releases the stick because of incapacity, the train brakes and comes to a halt automatically.

In Commercial Complete, the reverse will occur. Here is how it works. If a valid Commercial Complete license to run the software is not found on a computer, the software accesses a special Commercial Complete web site on the Internet. If that site is not up and running, it may be an indication that the company's operations have been temporarily or permanently disrupted. In such a case, Commercial Complete will automatically switch to and run in Courtesy Mode. When running in Courtesy Mode, Commercial Complete is fully functional with the latest version of the software. No restrictions or limitations are imposed.

What does this mean? If Commercial Complete is discontinued because of a temporary or permanent business disruption, or the sale of the company to another entity who will not sell and support Commercial Complete, any computer in the World will be able to run a fully functional, activated version of Commercial Complete at any time. So rest assured, you will always be able to use the software.

Call Us for a Personal Demonstration
We invite you to explore the many benefits of Commercial Complete. Call us at 800-884-1630 and we will lead you through a personal demonstration.

Take a look at the Demo. You will see the difference immediately.
Seeing is believing!

Introducing the Power of
Commercial Complete
to the World Wide Web

Potential Uses
  • Host your data Company Wide on a Commercial Complete Cloud Internet Server
  • Keep your Master database on the Commercial Complete Cloud and download data to a local "working" database as needed. This is an excellent way to maintain separate workfiles for each appraisal assignment
  • Secure your local databases by limiting access to authorized users only
  • Provide access to your data for colleagues scattered around the city or around World
  • Access your data from your desktop, laptop, or home computer
  • Work on reports while at a conference or on vacation
  • Provide access to your data to a friendly local competitor for a day or a week
  • Collaborate with other appraisers. Sharing Data has never been easier. Arrange sharing of data between local appraisal firms while keeping each firm's data separate. You give them access to your data and they reciprocate
  • Turn your data into a profit center
    • Sell Subscriptions to access your verified data
    • Sell Subscriptions to access your accumulated public data
Potential Users
  • Appraisers
  • Appraiser Groups
  • Bank Staff Appraisers
  • Bank Review Appraisers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Real Estate Tax Appeal Representatives
  • Assessors
  • Municipalities
  • Mass Appraisal Firms
  • Real Estate Management Companies
  • Data Providers

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