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Commercial Appraisal Software
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Please select the product that you wish to download by clicking one of the links above. If you own the software and have already registered it on your computer, this download usually does not have to be registered again. If you are a new owner, follow the installation and registration instructions on the web page that will be displayed when you click on a link above.

Licensed Owners
When our software is installed on a computer that has a previous version of the product installed, the new installation will replace the old version of the product. Even if you have not purchased the latest upgrade, we recommend that you install the latest version of your product because it also serves as a Maintenance Update. While the new features that were added since your last upgrade will not be available unless you purchase an upgrade, maintenance items in the newest version will improve the operation of the software on your computer.
There is never a charge for a Maintenance Update.

Commercial Complete is the recommended download for those who wish to evaluate our software. All of the features of Investment Analyst are incorporated into Commercial Complete.

Demonstration Mode - Until registered, these software products will run in Evaluation mode for up to 30 days. The evaluation version is fully functional and will allow you to evaluate all of the many features of the software. You will be able to see exactly how easy our software is to use and how easy it is to produce quality analyses.

We encourage you to download and use our products before you buy. You need to "kick the tires." If you are comparing our products with others, we strongly advise that you request a full working copy of their products too.

Commercial Appraisal Software

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Home for Real Estate Software Products - Commercial Appraisal Software Product Prices - Commercial Appraisal Software