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THE COMPLETE Software Solution

Income, Sales Comparison and Cost Analysis
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With all of the power of Investment Analyst seamlessly integrated, Commercial Complete offers the tools that today's real estate professionals need to compete - Income Analysis, Data Management, and smart word processing.

The Commercial Complete real estate database is the most complete real estate database tool available. Flexible, customizable, and powerful, this tool is designed for real estate professionals who need quick access to real estate data.

Search and sort by any field. Apply filters to look only at properties of a certain type, a range of sale prices, or year sold. The combinations are unlimited. Look at the data in various different ways. Perform sales comparison analyses and build the cost approach for a property.

You are not finished until the report is done or the proposal is sent to the client. Often, this is the most difficult task of all. Not only the writing, but the copying and pasting of the many support documents that you have prepared.

Whether you are an appraiser, an agent/broker, an assessor, or any other real estate professional, your product is real estate. The majority of your written output revolves around real estate.

It makes sense to use a word processor that is designed around real estate. The big guys in word processing have fantastic products - if graphics or marketing or publishing is your business. But frankly, they do not help a lot when it comes to automating a real estate professional's work.

Commercial Complete will make your work go a lot more smoothly. We took the powerful database capabilities of the Commercial Complete database and the reliable income analysis power of Investment Analyst and incorporated them into the Commercial Complete word processors.

Use your own wording in your reports and other documents. Change it on the fly when you need to, just like you do now. Design your documents once and then use them again and again. Just connect a new property record and/or income analysis to the document and Commercial Complete takes care of the rest.

This is not form filling software or an MS Word add-in. The word processing is built-in and integrated with the real estate database and income analysis capabilities.

Commercial Complete is a stand-alone product designed from scratch. You do not need another word processor installed on your system.
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Reliable Income Analysis; DCF
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Investment Analyst has been used by real estate professionals for more than 20 years to analyze and value income producing real estate, applying advanced mathematical techniques. It calculates the value, based upon the yield requirements and projections of the analyst. Financing, closing costs, selling expenses, income growth and property appreciation are among the many factors considered. Holding periods can range between 1 and 60 years. Reports can be printed, pasted or saved to an Excel spreadsheet, PDF file, or RTF file. Reports can be merged into a word processing document. If you have Narrative Complete, the reports can be inserted directly into your narrative reports.

Investment Analyst is designed from scratch, using the latest programming technology. Most of our competitors use "templates" based upon the Excel spreadsheet program or a packaged database program. At $79.95, they may be "better than nothing." But the truth is that they are not up to the job.

Whether you are an appraiser or a broker, this software can be customized to fit your requirements

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