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This software just gets better and better!

Since Commercial Complete was released in the Spring of 2010, many enhancements have been introduced.  For a complete history of changes click here.


Commercial Complete was released in August of 2011. This software just gets more powerful and more comprehensive while remaining just as easy to use. The enhancements included in this major release are briefly described below.  All of these enhancements are designed to increase productivity, improve the quality of your analyses, and make your final work product stand out.

Additional Options and Features Added through July of 2012

Highlights View Complete History List
  • Spell Check of Property Record Fields
  • Improved Image Compression
  • Word Processing Enhancements
  • Help System Enhancements
  • Enterprise Option
  • Updated USPAP and Footnote References
  • Updated Narrative Templates
  • Numerous Additional Calculated Fields
  • Hyperlinks in Table of Contents

MS Excel Functionality - added in October of 2011
Commercial Complete adds MS Excel functionality (Pro version only). While Commercial Complete offers all of the analysis power that you should ever need, without using spreadsheets, we know that many have developed their own spreadsheets over the years for special calculations. Now, with MS Excel Functionality built in, data and calculations from those spreadsheets can be inserted directly into Commercial Complete documents.

Named Excel Cells and Ranges can be inserted anywhere in your Commercial Complete documents. As many as three different Excel files can be associated with any property record and then data from those files can be inserted and linked to the CC document. For example, an Excel file containing a special income analysis, one containing demographics and statistics, and a third containing zoning information all can be linked to a specific property record and data from those files can be inserted in your document.

Among the options are:
  • Up to three MS Excel files can be linked to a property record
  • Links can be inserted in a Commercial Complete document as Updatable Fields or just a one-time insertion
  • Links can be inserted as Graphics, Text, or as a Table
  • Links can retain the formatting in the spreadsheet or use the formatting in the Commercial Complete document
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New Fields 
Nineteen new fields have been added to provide additional storage for important information and enhanced automation of your narratives.  These fields are available tor insertion in your narratives and most of them can be optionally displayed on a Property Datasheet.  Four of the fields can also be optionally displayed on the Comparison Grids.

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also enhances the functionality of "Notes" fields.  Any of these fields can now be displayed on a Property Datasheet and its Field Name can be changed.

Color Reports - Pro Version Only
The reports produced by Commercial Complete have always been clean, detailed, and informative.  Now users have the option to make them colorful too!  Add color borders and/or highlighting to individual reports or all reports.  A Sample Appraisal that contains various color combinations can be viewed at

Inserting Photo Pages and Picture Frames
The original version of Commercial Complete made it easy to insert images into your narrative, already centered and sized.

adds the ability to insert Photo Pages and Picture Frames, which makes the job even easier and faster.  Frames with simple borders or color borders can be selected.  Insert a Photo Page with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 pictures per page.  Just click the green Insert button above the Narrative Builder editor and select the desired option. Click here to learn more.

View sample Photo Pages here.

Save Search/Filter Conditions for Later Use
Built into Commercial Complete are powerful Search/Filter options that enable you to search for and filter records in the database by almost any combination of fields. Click here to learn more.

adds the ability to save these Search/Filter Conditions for later use.

Up to 9 Comparables for Each Comparables Group - Pro Version Only
We know, it is hard enough to find three comparables, let alone six.  But you never know, so has added the ability to include up to nine comparables with each Comparables Group (Pro version only) - just in case.

New Comparison Grid Options
Much effort has been put into improving the functionality and display of the Comparison Grids.  Additional fields have been added that can be used in conjunction with the Adjusted Price
field to display adjustments made for Property Rights Conveyed, Financing Terms, and Conditions of Sale. Click here to learn more.

Total Gross and Net Adjustment lines can now be optionally displayed on the grids.  More text formatting options have been added, and the Comparison Grids can be displayed with color borders and/or highlights.

adds two new Adjustment options.  Now adjustments can be made by Total Rooms or Bedrooms, options that can be useful when analyzing residential properties.

Subject Comments and Comparable Comments can now be added to any Adjustment Item to better inform the readers of your reports.

Several Multiplier Grids were available in the original Commercial Complete, but only for the Sales Comparables Group.  Now these Multiplier Grids can be created for any of the 6 Comparables Groups.  Only Multiplier Grids for the Sales Comparables Group can be inserted as fields in your narrative, but Multiplier Grids for any Comparables Group can be generated separately and copied and pasted into your narrative as necessary. 

Compress Images
Today's high-resolution cameras are terrific, but they can cause your document files and pdfs to grow very large.  For a standard printed document the high resolution is unnecessary.

has added an option to reduce the file size of both your Commercial Complete documents and pdf files substantially with no noticeable loss in quality of the printed document.  We have tested this option with original document files of Self-contained appraisals that were over 200 megabytes and contained nearly 200 images.  After compression, the document files were reduced to less than 40 megabytes and the resultant pdf file to around 10 megabytes.  Results, of course will vary, depending upon the images in the document, but the reduction in file size will be substantial. Click here to learn more.

Thumbnail View - Split Screen
An option button has been added to the right of the Spellcheck button at the top of the Narrative Builder editor.  Click this button to toggle split-screen view.  When toggled, a thumbnail view of the the document is displayed on the right side of the editor, allowing you to scroll quickly through the document.

Additional Options for Residential and Single Family Properties
More and more, appraisers are considering a narrative format when appraising a single family property for other than the GSE's.

includes additional fields for both single family residential and multifamily residential properties.  Fields for Total Rooms, Bedrooms, and Baths are now available when the Residential checkbox is checked (to the right of Property Name).  If the property is designated as a Single Family (or S.F.) under Property Type or Property Sub-type,  a Type of Parking field is also available.  In addition, Comparison Grids can be adjusted by Total Rooms or Bedrooms and additional ratios specific to residential properties are displayed on the Property Datasheet.

Optional Short Datasheet Format
adds another optional datasheet format that displays a smaller picture in the upper right corner of the datasheet so that most datasheets can be presented on a single page. This format can be applied selectively for the Subject and each Comparables Group. To select this datasheet format, click the green Format button above the Narrative Builder editor and select reports. Then click on the center Report Formatting tab and check the box labeled Print Short Report.
Property Datasheet
Full Property Datasheet
Short Property Datasheet

A Sample Appraisal that contains various samples of this short format can be viewed at http://www.commercialcomplete.com/SummaryAppraisalSample.PDF.

Improved Handling of Narrative Builder Section Options
improves the functionality of Sections and adds the ability to re-start page numbers in selected sections.  Page numbers in selected sections can now be displayed as upper case or lower case Roman Numerals.

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The Old-fashioned Way
  • Word Processing Program
  • Spreadsheet Program
  • Database Program
  • Image Editing Program
  • Mapping Program
  • Income Analysis Program
  • Linking Program to merge data
  • A program to capture images
  • A program to reduce the size of your images
  • A program to scan documents
  • A program to create a PDF
  • $$$$ to purchase all of these programs
  • $$$$ for Upgrades to these programs
  • $$$$ for Annual Support for these programs
  • Intimate Understanding of these programs
  • A System to Coordinate these programs
  • A Lot of Training
  • A Lot of Paper
  • A Lot of Patience
  • A Lot of Time
  • A Lot of Support
  • Maybe a Prayer? Will it work this time?
  • If something goes wrong, who do you call?


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Click here to Explore the Many Benefits of Commercial Complete

Sample Grid Types
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

More Sample Grid Types
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

Land Sales Grid
Sales Grid - Dollars
Sales Grid - Percentage
Sales Grid - Qualitative

Rent Grids
Rent Grid - Dollars
Rent Grid - Percentage

User Interface

There are over 500 more possibilities. Make the grids look just the way they must look to clearly explain any comparison analysis.

But this new functionality does not just paint a pretty picture. Now you really have true comparison analysis power at your fingertips.

Reviewers like the grids too because your reasoning can be clearly explained right on the grid.

Property Datasheet
Full Property Datasheet
Short Property Datasheet

Commercial Complete is the REAL DEAL. It really will change the way that you work!

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