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Since Commercial Complete was released in the Spring of 2010, many enhancements have been introduced.  For a complete history of changes click here.

Commercial Complete Plus 2 was released in mid-August of 2012. Continuing enhancements have been made each month through March. This software just gets more powerful and more comprehensive while remaining just as easy to use. The enhancements that are included in this major release are briefly described below.  All of these enhancements are designed to increase productivity, improve the quality of your analyses, and make your final work product stand out.

Enhancements Released in July 2013

Enhancements Released in June 2013
  • Enhancements to Cloud functionality
  • Price Change fields were added to the list of available fields
    • Field for number of months between sales
    • Field for Annual Price Change
    • Field for Total Price Change

Enhancements Released in May 2013
  • A Commercial Desk Review Sample was added to the list of available templates. View Commercial Desk Review Sample.
  • New "hot" check box fields were added. These fields are perfect for creating form type reports like appraisal reviews.
  • An Assignment Type option was added to the Clients/Assignments window - options are Appraisal, Review, and Other.
  • An Appraiser Dropdown List was added to the Clients/Assignments window to enable the selection of available appraisers for each assignment. The information for the appraiser selected is automatically populated, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
  • A Borrower field was added to the Clients/Assignments window. Bank appraisers and reviewers will find this additional field useful.

Enhancements Released in April 2013
  • A Basic Income/Expense tab is introduced to simplify the entry of income and expenses when performing a Stable analysis. A Direct Cap Rate can also be entered on this new data entry screen.
  • New report customization options continue to be added that enable the user to completely control the look of his final reports.

    The most recent is a new Summary Detail sheet that displays summary information and a photo for comparables. This report can be customized to display just the information that is appropriate for your analysis. Summary Detail Sample PDF.

Enhancements Released in March 2013
  • A File Explorer button has been added to the lower right side of the Property Data screen so that the CC File Explorer can be viewed while in the Data Entry view.
  • The Image Strip button (camera button) has been moved to the lower right side of the Property Data screen so that the Image Strip can now be viewed while in the Data Entry view. Image captions can now be added to an image directly on the Image Strip that is displayed on the Right Side Panel.
  • Images can now be dragged from the picture window on the Property Data screen and dropped directly into a Narrative Builder editor. PDF and Tiff files can now be dragged from the CC File Explorer and dropped into a Narrative Builder editor.
  • Added an option to globally change section margins throughout the document.
  • The Income Summary tab has been redesigned.
  • Several optional color accent appraisal templates and stylesheets have been added. A new appraisal template, Summary Appraisal Fee Simple - Short Income, has been added.

Enhancements Released in February 2013
  • Custom Datsheet functionality was greatly expanded. It is now possible for a user to design property datasheets with their own special look and include just the data that they want to present.

    Property datasheets can be multi-page and include other Commercial Complete reports such as a Rent Roll Summary, Expense Report, and a dozen of other reports.

    Different custom datasheets can be assigned to each comparables group. For example, Sales Comparable datasheets can have a different look and present data differently than the Rent Comparable and Land Comparable datasheets.

    The possibilities are now practically unlimited.

  • Commercial Complete Cloud database functionality was expanded, with particular attention paid to automatically storing multiple database backups in different physical locations so that users will have a recent backup of there data, if needed.

Enhancements Released in January 2013
  • Improved resizing of images to produce smaller documents and smaller pdf files with no loss in image quality.
  • Continued work on compression of images. Intelligence has been built in to avoid the compression of certain images that could be distorted when compression is applied. Smaller files that retain excellent image quality are the result..
  • Property photos can now be assigned captions and then inserted as fields in a document template. The photos can be inserted with the caption above or below the photo, or with no caption.

    This capability can be used to further automate the creation of your report. It also enables the customization of Property Datasheets that can contain more than one photo when used in conjunction with the next described enhancement.

  • Just the body of the property datasheet (property data fields such as sale price and sale date, building size, etc.) can now be inserted as a field in a document. This will enable users to customize their datasheets, including additional photo pages, income summary reports, etc. The result will be a multi-page Property Datasheet that presents the data the way the user prefers.
  • Additional income reports (rent survey, income summary, etc.) can now be added as fields for both subject and comps.
  • The Rent Roll Summary report has been re-worked to handle non-residential properties with more clarity.

Enhancements Released in December 2012
  • Smart Backup utility introduced. Easily backup all CC data. Still in Beta
  • New Rent Roll Summary report
  • Optional borders can be added to income and expense charts
  • Multiplier grids (GIM, EGIM, Direct Cap Rate, Expense Ratio) can be automatically inserted in a narrative

Enhancements Released in November 2012
  • Added a lock option to the database dropdowns. Individual dropdown lists can be locked so that only an item that is in the list can be selected. Alternatively, a dropdown can be set so that any entry can be made in a field, but that entry will not be added to the dropdown list.
  • Added a "Do Not Optimize Images" checkbox to the Defaults Menu. Selecting this option will result in better image quality for certain images.
  • Added a "Create PDF-Maximum Quality" option to the Create PDF button. When this option is selected, no image compression is performed when creating the PDF, resulting in better quality images in certain cases.
  • Added an option to prevent the compression of selected images. When set for an image, this image will not be compressed when the Image Compression utility is selected. To prevent the compression of an image, right-click on the image and select "Do Not Compress This Image". Certain images, especially those with a lot of text, can become distorted when compressed. Use this option to avoid the distortion.

Enhancements Released in October 2012
  • Added "Low Cost" Construction Type option to the dropdown list on the Improvements tab.

Enhancements Released in September 2012
  • Any building improvement can now be used as the basis for grid adjustments.
  • Additional options for Utilities, Unit Amenities, and Project Amenities on the Rent Survey.
  • Enterprise Control enhancements.

Features Released in August 2012

New Income and Expense Analysis Capabilities
Commercial Complete is second to none in the income analysis capabilities that it offers. Mortgage Equity Analysis; Discounted Cash Flow Analysis; Lease by Lease analysis with CAM, Passthroughs, up to 10 renewal terms for each lease and much much more. Whether it is a simple apartment building analysis, a small shopping center, or a 100 million dollar office complex, Commercial Complete can do it.

So why would more capabilities be added? Why would you need them? Up until now, the information that was produced by an income analysis was displayed on reports and in several windows in different areas of Commercial Complete. When the appraiser was actually writing his narrative explanation of the income analysis results, he had to refer to these various income reports and perhaps other screens within Commercial Complete. Easy enough to do, but he had to bounce back and forth between the reference sources and the narrative. This is not the most efficient way to create a consise narrative that clearly explains the sources of income and expense data that ultimately produced the value that was developed.

To improve upon the present method and introduce additional analysis capabilities, an Income Summary tab and an Expense Summary tab have been added to Commercial Complete. On these tabs, each individual income item and each expense item can be viewed. Ratios and cash flows for the item are presented on a single screen, along with narrative fields where each item can be discussed in detail. Pie charts have been added to provide a visual of each income and expense item.

See Income Tab
See Income and Expense Summary Tab

New Income Summary, Expense Summary and Rent Survey Reports Preview
Information, discussion, and analysis that was done on the new Income Summary tab and Expense Summary tab can be assembled into either Short or Full Summary Reports that can be inserted directly into a Commercial Complete narrative. These reports can be automatically created for both the subject and comparables. To view samples of these reports, click on the links below.

Full Income Summary Example.PDF
Short Income Summary Example.PDF
Full Expense Summary Example.PDF
Short Expense Summary Example.PDF
Comp Datasheet with Income and Expense Summaries.PDF
Full Rent Survey Example
Property Datasheet with Short Rent Survey Example

Full Summary Appraisal Using New Reports

Spice It Up with the New Pie Charts

New Comparison Analysis Capabilities
Appraisal assignments sometimes include more than a single building on a property. Commercial Complete has always been capable of handling multiple improvements, in fact an unlimited number of improvements on a single property. Now, any individual improvement can be used as the "basis" for a comparison analysis. For example, you may have a small strip center and a small apartment building on the same property. The improvements can be described separately and separate comparables groups can be selected for each. Individual comparison grids can be created for both the strip center and the apartment building that will be brought seamlessly into your narrative.

In conjunction with the above feature, the individual improvements can now be re-ordered.

Dramatically Improved Image Optimization Preview
A new Image Optimization method has been introduced in Plus 2 that dramatically reduces both the memory required for open Commercial Complete documents and also the size of your saved Commercial Complete documents. Even without compressing images, the size of the documents is often reduced more than tenfold. A 100mb document in memory can be reduced to less than 10mb. The same is true for your saved Commercial Complete documents. The optimization is transparent and occurs on a regular basis as you are working on the document. Documents are automatically optimized when you save the document, copy the document, or create a pdf of the document.

Dramatically Improved Compatibility with MS Word Preview
It has always been possible to copy text or a full Commercial Complete document and paste it into MS Word. Most characteristics of the document were transferred smoothly. Styles and fonts were transferred, headers and footers were displayed properly, and most graphics and tables transferred property. However, many pictures had to be resized, tables often had to be re-centered and a Table of Contents created from a Commercial Complete document did not always properly recognize the headings that should be included in the TOC.

Now a document copied from Commercial Complete and pasted into MS Word retains almost 100% of the look and formatting, including styles, fonts, sections, headers and footers, pictures, and tables. For those who want to assemble a document in Commercial Complete and then transfer it to MS Word for final editing or archiving, this new compatibility makes it easy.

New and Innovative Method for Handling Pictures Preview
A picture is worth 1,000 words. Appraisers have learned that adding pictures to a report makes for a better presentation and eliminates some of the writing that would otherwise be necessary. Clients like pictures and demand more and more of them.

With today's technology, it is cheap and easy to take the pictures, but inserting them in your narrative has always been a chore. Anyone who has done it knows what we mean. Commercial Complete introduced the Image Strip and Photo Pages early on to make the task of inserting pictures in a narrative a little easier. But it is still one of the more time consuming tasks.

We think that we have solved this problem and early users of Plus 2 agree. Both an Image Strip and a Windows File Explorer can now be displayed on the right side of the Narrative Builder word processing editors. Inserting your pictures is now as easy as Drag and Drop. You will love it. Even more important, this function alone can save you an hour or two on each appraisal. Little things mean a lot.

See Image Strip
See File Explorer

Improved Word Processing Capabilities Preview
Multiple Photo Pages can now be inserted with a single click. If you need 4 pages of photos, select that number and they are inserted automatically. Seems like a small item, but it is a big time-saver.

Custom Property datasheets can now be created to replace our standard Property datasheets. This comes in handy for special clients like the DOT and other clients who require a particular presentation format.

We have made it easier to insert landscape pages and new sections, while retaining headers and footers from the previous sections.

The Assemble Document button can now be used to insert various reports directly into a narrative document that has already been assembled. Click Here.

Commercial Complete is Always a Work in Progress
The above list of features that is included in Commercial Complete Plus 2 is only the start. Commercial Complete is always a work in progress and many additional useful features are still on the drawing board. To see what we mean, click on the Plus 1 Features link below to see our history of adding new features on a regular basis throughout the year.

See the Features that were released in August of 2011.

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