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Since Commercial Complete was released in the Spring of 2010, many enhancements have been introduced.  For a complete history of changes click here.

Commercial Complete Plus 3 was released in September 2013. This release is another milestone, marking another year of continued enhancements that increase your productivity, improve the quality of your analyses, and make your final work product stand out.

This software just gets more powerful and more comprehensive while remaining just as easy to use. The enhancements that are included the first release of are briefly described below. Look for additional enhancements in the months to come.

Enhancements Released in May 2014

  • A Month of Usability Improvements - Dozens upon dozens of enhancements have been made to Commercial Complete in the last 4 years. Each month along the way, numerous internal improvements have also been made. In the latter part of April and during the month of May, the focus has been on the little things that improve usability.
    • Message to advise the user of the size of his just created PDF file
    • Message to advise the user of the estimated file size after image compression
    • Additional progress messages where needed
    • Better image compression techniques and memory management
    • Generally smaller narrative document file sizes
    • Generally smaller pdf file sizes
    • Noticeable speed improvements when moving from field to field and from tab to tab
    • Connectivity improvements for cloud users
    • Improved Delete functionality of items in dropdown lists

Enhancements Released in April 2014

  • Imputed Vacancy % Calculation Revised and Enhanced - When performing a Lease analysis, the Imputed Vacancy calculation is optionally displayed on the Multiyear Income Statement, the Total Income Report, and each Income Datasheet for each income item. This calculation has been revised. It is not determined, based upon the tenant space that is vacant in a given year (no leases). The Imputed Vacancy is provided for reference only and has no effect on any of the calculations.

    The Imputed Vacancy % is determined by calculating the days that a tenant space is vacant during each year (no income from a lease). Baseed upon this calculation, an Absorption/Turnover Vacancy % is alculated. This percentage is added to the General Vacancy % to determine the Imputed Vacancy %.
  • Absorption/Turnover Vacancy Report A new report, Absorption/Turnover Vacancy, has been added that displays the vacant space for each tenant for each year of the analysis. It also displays the Absorption/Turnover vacancy for each tenant space.

Enhancements Released in March 2014

  • Band of Investment Calculation - Despite advanced calculation tools like Commercial Complete, it is still a common practice today to develop a capitalization rate using the Band of Investment. While we recommend use of the Mortgage Equity Technique to develop a capitalization rate, an option has been added to develop the BOI and display this calculation when the Caprate - Stable Report is inserted in a narrative.

Enhancements Released in February 2014

  • New MS Word Functionality - Commercial Complete can now recognize and handle most Word documents directly. MS Word must be installed on your computer. Nearly all of Commercial Complete's functions that load, save or insert documents now recognize ".doc" and ".docx" files and handle them appropriately.
  • A Third Narrative Builder Editor has been added

Enhancements Released in January 2014

  • USPAP Updates - Commercial Complete will automatically update your newly built narrative to include current references to USPAP 2014-2015. No change in your templates is necessary.
    • Whether you build your next narrative from a CC document template or from an old CC narrative report, the USPAP Reporting Options page, if present, will be replaced by the 2014-2015 USPAP Reporting Options page. The page that is inserted will depend upon whether the Appraisal Format field is set to Appraisal or Restricted.
    • Any footnotes that reference 2012-2013 USPAP will be replaced by 2014-2015 USPAP references.

  • Eleven New Fields have been added under a new "Custom" tab that is located in the center of the Data Entry window, Fields added include:
    • Eight "Open Fields". These are text fields ranging from 30 to 50 characters
    • 2 pre-defined fields. Latitude and Longitude
    • An Open Memo field - 255 characters per paragraph.

Enhancements Released in December 2013

  • Expense Summary Tab Improvements
    • General Comments Heading and Expense History Heading can be changed
    • Expense Summary Description (Total tab on Expense Summary), General Comments, and Expense History comment can optionally be displayed on the Expense Report.

Enhancements Released in November 2013

  • Additional options were added to the Expense Report. All columns can be toggled on or off without showing the Projected Expenses column, % of Gross column, or Per Unit column. View Sample

Enhancements Released in October 2013

  • Historical expenses can now be added to the Expense Report. When the historical expenses are filled in on the Expense Summary Tab (Income -> Expense Summary) and the History Box is checked under the "Short" column on the right side of the Expense Summary window, up to 3 additional columns will be displayed on the Expense Report for Current Expenses, Prior Year Expenses, and 2 yrs. Prior Expenses. If no expenses for a given period are filled in, that column will not be displayed on the Expense Report. View Sample

  • Backup and Restore functionality has been implemented for Cloud users. A Super-Admin can now download a copy of their Cloud database to their local computer at any time. If necessary, Commercial Complete can connect to this downloaded copy and the database can be run locally. A local copy of the database can be restored to the Cloud, if necessary, replacing all of the Cloud records with those contained in the local database.

    An Expenses grid type option has been added. This option can be used in conjunction with the Expense Comparables group to grid the expenses of the comparables. The functionality is similar to the other grid types. Adjustments can be made on the grid for any of 12 line items. Comments can be made on the grid, just as they can for the other grid types. View Sample

    An Expenses grid type radio button is displayed at the lower left of the Grid window in the Grid Panel.

  • A Single Unit option has been added to the Grid window. This is a good choice for single family properties. All adjustments are based upon the sale price of the comparable rather than building area.

  • An additional dropdown choice has been added to the PDF button in Narrative Builder. You can now optionally display the red field marker brackets in a pdf. When you are creating a new document template, this option is handy for proofing the template.

Enhancements Released in September 2013
  • Optional Subject column can now be displayed on the comparison grids. A checkbox "Display Subject Column on Grid" is located at the bottom right of the Grid window under the Grid Date and Time Adjustment percentage. View Sample
  • Grid lines can be optionally displayed to separate line item adjustments to emphasize the adjustments and make them easier to follow.
  • An expanded Subject Comments field is now available that will be displayed when the optional Subject Column is displayed on the grid.
  • Improved grid layouts have increased spacing between columns, making the grids easier to read and even more impressive.
  • Browse buttons have been added to the upper left of the Property Data screen to enable the user to easily return to previously viewed record.
  • A dropdown has been added to the Manage Images button to enable the user to easily preview the images in a record's image strip and select a default datasheet photo
  • A dropdown has been added to the Recall Last button (near the lower left side of the Data Entry window). Click this dropdown to view all Subject properties that have been added to your database. A list of all Subjects is presented. Sort by any of the columns to locate a particlular Subject by File Number, Report Date, Street Address, or City State Zip. Click on a Subject in the list to bring it into Current View.
  • Three Restricted Use templates have been added.
    • Income Approach - Restricted Use
    • Sales Approach - Restricted Use
    • Income and Sales Approaches - Restricted Use - View Sample PDF

Commercial Complete is Always a Work in Progress
The above list of features that is included in Commercial Complete Plus 3 is only the start. Commercial Complete is always a work in progress and many additional useful features are still on the drawing board. To see what we mean, view the Plus 2 Enhancements and Plus 1 Enhancements. Our history of adding new features on a regular basis throughout the year is solid.

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