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Select the desired option below under Product Upgrade Options. Be sure to include the correct total of computers. Please call 412-727-8210 if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you or take your order by phone.

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Product Upgrade Options

Upgrade to the Latest Version of Commercial Complete

Upgrade your older Commercial Complete license to the latest version of Commercial Complete. Includes 2020-2021 UAP.
To qualify, your version of CC must have been purchased or updated after 1-01-2015

Enterprise Option Learn More
The Enterprise Option includes 2 User Slots to access a Commercial Complete Cloud database. Each additional User Slot is $100 (select total slots below).

Renew Annual Subscription
Renew your Commercial Complete Annual Subscription

Upgrade to Commercial Complete Full License

if you previously purchased the Commercial Complete Annual Subscription or have a version of CC that was purchased or last updated prior to 1-1-2015, you qualify for this special upgrade price.

This offer is good through 6-30-2019.
Regular $995 - Save $200


Additional Install

To qualify, you must have purchased the latest upgrade or have the current UAP

Hourly Consultation Fee
Select the number of computers (or User Slots), including Primary Computer. Limit 9 per each Primary license.

Number of hours of consultation may also be selected here.

Please include each computer that will have Commercial Complete installed. If Commercial Complete will be installed on more than one machine, the upgrade cost is calculated, based upon the prices shown above for the first computer (primary license) plus an additional 80% of that price for each additional computer. Commercial Complete will only be upgraded on those machines that are included in this total.

If only Additional Installs are being purchased, they are calculated at $350 times the number of computers selected above.

If the Enterprise is chosen, each computer above 2 will be charged an additiomal $100.00

If you need Commercial Complete licenses for more than one physical site or for more than 9 computers, please call us for details at 412-606-9000.

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Number of Computers

Electronic Delivery Only

The prices shown here represent electronic delivery only. You can download the latest version of Commercial Complete at the Commercial Complete Download page. When you install the new version, the newest features of Commercial Complete will be disabled until you request a new Registration Code for each computer.

Additional Users

Up to 8 additional users may be added - per license. The cost to add an additional user is $350 Each additional user's computer will receive a Registration Code that authorizes Commercial Complete to run on that computer. Additional computers must be located on the same physical site. The laptop or home computer of the registered owner also qualifies. Affiliates of the owner can qualify for a reduced price for their own licensed copy of Commercial Complete, registered in their name. Please call us at 412-727-8210 for details.

Questions about your order

If you have any questions before you order, please email us at purchase@dcfsoftware.com or call us at 412-727-8210. Thank you.


We will replace any product that is received in damaged condition, or which was inadvertently ordered more than once. Financial Masterplan, Inc. does not refund payment nor grant credits for products which are returned for any other reason. Our products are accurately described on our site and you may review our products before purchasing by downloading the product and running it as an evaluation version for up to 30 days. And you may call us for additional information before you buy. We cannot approve returns on purchased material and all sales are, therefore, final. Thank you for your understanding.

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